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Debra Nichols

Debra L. Nichols


Debra L. Nichols is Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Trust Officer of Lineage. She is a co-founder of Lineage, and a partner, with Mr. Fogg, in Lineage Family Office, as well as its President. She oversees systems and compliance for Lineage. Ms. Nichols also advocates for clients through risk management and family and internal controls.

Ms. Nichols began her career at Brinson Partners, Inc. in Chicago in 1991. She gained expertise in cash management, investment operations, pricing and general development of regulated investment vehicles including collective investment funds, mutual funds, off shore funds and hedge funds. While working closely with regulators, legal counsel, business partners and governing boards, Ms. Nichols exhibited a commitment to completing large- scale projects and was named a partner in 1995. After a sale of the firm to Swiss Bank Corporation and a subsequent merger with UBS, she left the firm in 2000. With extensive experience in compliance, operations, management and service as corporate officer and board member for investment portfolio structures, she then acted as a consultant and subject matter expert to other investment managers and Boards of Directors. Ms. Nichols graduated from the University of Michigan in 1988.