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Why Nevada?

More Flexible Trust Laws

Nevada’s trust laws provide more flexibility to: unbundle trustee functions to support more complex and creative family systems, maintain trust portfolios with concentrated assets in family businesses or other undiversified holdings, maintain confidentiality and privacy, provide enhanced creditor protection, maintain assets in trust for many more generations than California or other similar states (365 years), and provide flexibility to adapt trusts to changing circumstances.

Enhanced Benefit of Transfer Tax Exemption

Because Nevada trusts can last 365 years, trusts can continue for many generations sheltered from estate and generation skipping taxes. In contrast, a California trust would be forced to terminate and its assets diminished by transfer taxes roughly three times during this same period.

No State Income Tax

Nevada does not impose a state income tax on trust income. If properly structured, undistributed net income of Nevada trusts would not be taxed in California.

An Approach as Unique as Your Lineage