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Our Values

Lineage’s mission is to enhance the lives of trust beneficiaries.

Lineage achieves its mission through an uncommon approach to trust administration: one that prioritizes the human relationship between beneficiaries and trustee and that aims to purposefully enhance the lives of the beneficiaries.

People Before Money

We will not abandon promises to first clients as we accept new ones. We will not take on new clients if we do not believe we can truly help.

Our Duty is Fidelity

No employee is expected to bring in new business, nor paid to do so. Employees are encouraged to work with the same families for their entire career.

Every member of the family, from each generation, is important and worthy in and of themselves.

Helping People Flourish

The ``education`` we offer helps people become more self-aware and capable. We seek to prepare each client to be able to manage their own financial affairs with excellence.

An Approach as Unique as Your Lineage