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Lineage Trust Company provides trustee, agency and wealth planning services to select ultra-high net worth families.

We are founded on the belief that the true wealth of any family resides within its individual members, and that family financial wealth’s highest calling is to help support the inner wealth of family members. Based on this foundation we structure trust services around human relationships with beneficiaries at the center.

To preserve our focus on people, we have carefully avoided building an internal asset management or investment practice, instead focusing resources on careful oversight of trust assets and prudent delegation of asset management to others. Our focus on relationships with people over assets makes Lineage a unique option for discerning families.

With Nevada’s flexible and private trust laws, and without an investment bias, Lineage supports collaborative trust relationships with families and their existing service providers in a variety of roles.


As a stand-alone trustee or co-trustee with others.

Administration & Distribution

Which includes the administrative and distribution trustee functions, but excludes the investment function.


Which includes the trustee’s distribution function, but not administration or investment.


Which includes the trustee’s administrative function, but not investment or distribution.

In addition to its fiduciary services, Lineage offers planning and consulting services for families seeking to improve their distribution and life enhancement practices with trusts. Fees are customized based on each family’s circumstances.

An Approach as Unique as Your Lineage