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Hartley Goldstone

Hartley E. Goldstone, Esq.

Managing Director

Hartley A. Goldstone, Esq. serves as a Managing Director of Lineage. Mr. Goldstone has served families for more than twenty-five years as attorney, trust officer, and consultant. Today, his clients include families and inheritors in all stages of life, their family offices, trustees and advisors.

Mr. Goldstone co-authored TrustWorthy – New Angles on Trusts from Beneficiaries and Trustees, which is a collection of 25 personal — and positive — stories told by beneficiaries, trustees and their advisors. The book is an outgrowth of the ongoing Beneficiary and Trustee Positive Story Project begun in 2010. Mr. Goldstone writes a monthly column online for Trusts and Estates – The Journal for Estate-Planning Professionals. He is an Associate of Wise Counsel Research Associates and is on the faculty of the Redwoods Initiative. Mr. Goldstone has presented at conferences of the Family Office Exchange, Institute of Private Investors, American Bankers Association, Purposeful Planning Institute, as well as various family offices and trust companies. Also, he is an occasional guest lecturer at the University of Colorado Law School. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and MBA and JD degrees from the University of Denver. Mr. Goldstone lives outside Denver, Colorado.